The Life of a Kindergarten Teacher...

...is SUPER fun (most of the time because there are those days, that kids can make us crazy!)! But this day, was super fun! We've been reading and doing Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activities all week and topped it off on Friday with a delicious snack! All you need is a graham cracker trunk, green apple palm leaves, grapes for coconuts, and of course Alphabits cereal that climb the coconut tree! :)

I have a super cutie class this year... 7 boys to 17 girls! Soon I'll post pics of my new, BIG classroom, its freeekin' awesome!


  1. serious? can you please post all of your fun projects so i can play "mrs. page" at home with my girls... i already do, but if you have pics to back it up, it will be much more realistic...

  2. There's only 7 boys in our class????!!!!! Why did I not notice? There sure seems like a lot more than that!:)

  3. How cool! I miss doing all the fun cute activities with kindergarten. I miss you Tess!